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Hackettstown Graveyard - List of facts

No. 68 and 69

John and Patrick Cahill died within seventeen days of each other, on the Feb 3rd and Feb 29th respectively, in 1818. John was twenty nine and Patrick was thirty one. They have matching headstones

No. 39

In January 1841 John Foley of Ballinamone buried his son and his mother within fourteen days of each other, the 2nd and 16th respectively. His son Thomas was thirty and his mother Mary was eighty years of age

No. 72c

The youngest person commemorated is Walter Curran, of Ballymacart who died at the age of nine months

No. 5

The oldest recorded age in the nineteenth century is 95. This was Nicholas Veale of Hackettstown who died in 1844

No. 14

John Whelan of Ballyvallona lived to the age of 90. He died in 1905. This is the oldest recorded age in the twentieth century

No. 39

May Foley of Ballynamone was the longest living woman recorded in the nineteenth century. She lived to the age of 80 and was buried in 1841

No. 57

Ellen Hourigan of Ballinaharde lived to the age of 86, and is the oldest listed woman in the twentieth century. She was buried in 1965.

No. 55

James Troy died in 1761 aged 71 years. This indicates that he was born in 1690. This is the earliest recorded date

No. 73

Richard Ryan of Ballintlea who died in 1813, aged 62 is reputed to have translated the poems of Tadhg Gaelach Ó Suilleabháin

Curreen is the most common surname, most likely an anglicised spelling of the Irish Cuirrín

The surname Fowlow is also most likey an Anglicisation of the Irish Foghlú

The earliest recorded death is in 1740 (No. 48)

The most recent death is 1998 (No. 76)

Men’s Names

John is the most common name, listed 18 times

Patrick and James are both listed 12 times

Thomas is listed 9 times

Michael is listed 7 times

William is listed 5 times

David is listed 4 times

Maurice and Walter are both listed 3 times

Richard, Edmund, Bartholomew, Nicholas and Jeremiah are all listed twice

Martin, Darby, Jerry, Garrett, Cornelius, Patrick Joseph, John J., and Henry Thomas are all listed once.

Women’s Names

Margaret and Mary are each listed 11 times

Bridget is listed 6 times

Ellen, Catherine, Johanna are all listed 4 times

There are 2 Julia’s listed

Anne, Annie, Kate, Nell, Mary Anne, May, Joan, Honora , and Elizabeth appear once

Died in America

There are a number of souls commemorated who are not actually interred in the graveyard

No. 33 – Patrick Merrick died in America 22 July 1905

No. 42 – James Peters died in Calvary, New York, 12th Jan 1926

No. 42 – Jerry Peters died in Chicago, U.S.A. 3rd Sept 1898

No. 42 – Patrick Peters died in Calvary, New York 24th Dec 1896

No. 65 – Anne Fitzgerald, died in America, no date recorded

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