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Hackettstown Graveyard - Names and Positions of Graves

1. Small cut stone , facing due east

Inscription: N. Morrissey

2. Stone reclining against east face of church wall

Inscription: Erected By

Michael Mansfield

In memory of his sister

Nell Ryan alias Mansfield

Who died Feb 10 1846

Aged 30 years

3. Large plain cut stone, lying against east face of church wall.

Inscription: Erected by

Mary Nugent

In memory of her


Michael Nugent

Who died 20th April 1874

Aged 76 years

4. Stone attached to east end of church wall. Grave surrounded by iron rail. Small cut stone with cross inscribed inside rail.

Inscription: Erected

To the memory if

Miss Johanna Curran


Who died 22nd October 1911

Aged 79 years

5. Large reclining stone.

Inscription: Erected by

Margaret Veale alias Fitzgerald

In memory of her husband

Nicholas Veale of Hackettstown

Who died Feb 22 1844

Aged 95 Years

6. Large tombstone facing due east. Writing on top partially obliterated by weathering.

Inscription: Here lies the body of Mr. James Gee

Who departed this life on the 11th day


Here also lies the body of Henry Thomas

Gee Esq of Lisarow who died the 5th of

December 1830 aged 30 years

Recquiescant in pace amen

Also of Margaret his wife who departed this

Life the 24 of May 1835 aged 7? Years

May she rest in peace.

7. Decoratively carved headstone with cross on top. Raised heart with cross carved into centre of the cross.

Inscription: Erected by

Margaret Kiely


In memory of her


James Kiely

Died 12th March 1895 aged 69 years

The above Margaret Kiely

Died Jan 20th 1913 aged 73 years

8. Large inclining stone. In hoc signo vinces, inscribed centre top.

Inscription: Remember

Death and peace

Erected by Mr. James Kiely

In memory of his beloved father

Mr. John Kiely of Crobally

Who depd this life March 31st 1836

Aged 50 years

9. Raised cross and I H S carved into circle on top of large inclining stone.

Inscription: Erected

By William Curreen of Monatrea

In memory of his sons

Patrick and William who died 1830

10. Large decorative stone with I H S and cross inscribed on top.

Inscription: Erected

By James Curreen of Montrea

In memory of his son Thomas

Who died April 4th 1835

Aged 11 years

11. Plain white stone facing 12, due east. No inscription.

12. Large inclining stone. Cross and I H S carved in relief.

Inscription: Erected

By John Moore in memory of his father

Thomas Moore died Nov 1 1818 aged 45 yrs

His mother Mary Moore died March 27

1845 aged 68 years

13. Small plain headstone

Inscription: Here lies the body

Of Marget Troy who

Died April the 20 17

83 aged 59 yrs

14. Intertwined I H S in centre of top cross.

Inscription: Erected by

Michael Whelan


In memory if his sister

Johanna Toomey

Died 24th May 1907 aged 67 years

Also his father


Died 25th November 1905 aged 90 years

15. Roughly cut stone with cross inscribed.

16. Roughly cut stone with cross inscribed.

17. Large inclined stone partially buried with leafy designs cut on top.

Inscription: Here lies the body of

John Power Smith he

Died October 5 1797 aged

70 years

18. Large stone with serrated type edging.

Inscription: Erected by

Garrett 7 James Troy

Of Helvick

In memory of their father

Nicholas who died

Jan 11th 1889 aged 76 years

And their mother

Mary died

May 27th 1882 aged 60 years

Also their sister


Died Dec 3rd 1878 aged 20 years

The above James Troy

Died July 14th 1892 aged 30

19. Plain white rough stone with cross inscribed.

20. Large stone with Celtic style cross on top

Inscription: Erected by

Kate Power Pulla

In memory of her parents

Edmund Power

Who died 8th Feb 1886

Aged 75 years

Margaret Power

Died 11th May 1889 aged 73 years

Her brother

John Power

Died 6th July 1896 aged 35 years

And her sister

Johanna Clancy

Died 11th Nov 1873 aged 30 years

21. Small inclining plain headstone.

Inscription: Here lieth the body

Of Bartholomew

Fowlow who dep

This life May th2

1769aged 67 yrs

22. Headstone in shape of open book, with stone surround.

Inscription: In loving memory of

Margaret Maher

Nee McGrath


Died 5th Oct 1955

Aged 48 R.I.P.

23. Iron cross in circle with rough stone directly in front.

No Inscription.

24. Inclining, partially buried carved stone.

Inscription: Here lies the body of

Michael Foley who

Died May 28 1834

Age 21

25. Large inclining stone, with I H S inscribed.

Inscription: Erected by

David Foley

Of Dungarvan in me

Mory of his father

Jermiah Foley who depd

This life Agust 15 1797

Aged 49 years


Three of his children

Michael Foley died

May 28th 1834 aged

21 years John Foley

Died aged 10 years

Jermiah Foley

Died aged 2 years

May they rest in peace


26. Large stone partial buried, dates not visible. Flower designs on top

Inscription: Here lieth the body of

David Fowley who ……

27. Small white stone.

Inscription: M.H.

28. Large headstone. Piece missing from top , probably a cross.

Inscription: Erected in memory of

Patrick Hourigan of Goulane

Who died May 25th 1895

Aged 32 years

Also his father Patrick Hourigan

Died Sept 30th 1869

Aged 52 years

His mother Catherine died Oct 31st 189?

Aged 71 years


Also in memory of David Hourigan

Of Mountaincastle formerly of Goulane

Who died July 21st 1896 aged 39 years

29. Large reclining stone,

Inscription: Erected by

Marg Howrigan alias Mahony

In memory of her husband

Cornelius Hourgian of Goulane

Who died Nov 18 1842 aged 80 years

30. Plain rectangular stone.

Inscription: Here lies the body of

Thom Curreen who

Died December the 12th

1785 aged 60 yrs

31. Weathered stone, some cracking obliterating words

Inscription: In memory of John Curreen

Of Bally????? Who depd

Feby 11th 1807 aged 72 yrs

32. Narrow stone leaning against south wall of church. Rough back.

Inscription: Here lies the bo

Of Ellen Harris

Who died Aug

26th 1780

Aged 16y

33. Plain headstone. Iron surroundings

Inscription: Erected to the memory

Of Richard Merrick

Died 17th April 1874

Aged 48 yrs

His wife Johanna

Died 27th August 1894

Aged 60 yrs

Their daughter

Mary Anne

Died 21st Jan 1881 aged 26 yrs

Their sons John J

Died Aug 1890 aged 21 yrs

And Patrick

Died in America 22nd July 1905

34. Large inclining stone, Inscription in relief.

Inscription: Erected

By James and William Quin

In memory of their father

John Quin

Of Ballinacorly

Died Agust 25th 1849

35. Large plain stone

Inscription: Erected by Wm Quin of Lisarow

In memory of

His wife Mary Quin alias Curreen

Who died March 31st 1826 aged 64 yrs

Also his daughter Mary Quin

Who died May 2nd 1831 aged 31

36. Large inclining stone.

Inscription: Erected

By Patk Nugent in memory of his

Father John Nugent who died June

6th 1800 aged 67 yrs also his

Daughter Bridget Jan 1st 1826

Aged 24 and his son John

March 1st 1833 aged 21

37. Small rough cut stone inscription carved facing west.

Inscription: Here lies the bo

Of Thomas Harty

Who died Feby

1796 aged 39 ye

38. Highly decorated Celtic cross. Figure of angel is bas relief.

Inscription: Erected by Mrs Elizabeth Foley

To the memory of her beloved husband

Mr. Thomas Foley merchant Clonmel

Brother to the Rev. Bazil Foley

Mount Mellary Abbey

Who departed this life the 9th day

Of January 1872 at the early age

Of 34 years

Regretted by his family and

Numerous friends

Recquiescant in Pace

39. Large reclining stone

Inscription: Erected by

John Foley of Ballynamone

In memory of his son Thomas Foley

Died Jany 2nd 1841 aged 30 years

Also his mother May Foley

Died Jan 16th 1841 aged 80 yrs

Recquiescant in Pace Amen

40. Cross decorated with Celtic designs.

No Inscription.

41. I.H.S. inscribed on top of fairly large headstone.

Inscription: Remember

Death and Fear

The Lord

Erected by Patrick Hearty of Dulleamuck

In memory of his brother

Michael Hearty

Who died March 11 1836 aged 56 yr

Also his daughter Honora

Who died Decbr 23 1837 aged 22 yrs

Recquiescant in Pace Amen

42. Celtic cross. Entwined I H S in centre of cross with fleur de lis designs

Inscription: Erected by

Mrs Bridget Peters Cahill

In memory of her grandfather

Darby Harty Hackettstown

Her mother Mary Peters (nee Harty)

Died 11th March 1877

Her father

James Peters

Died 20th March 1891

Her brothers

Patrick died 24th Dec 1896

James died 12th Jan 1926

Both interred in Calvary New York

And Jerry

Died in Chicago 3rd Sep 1898

43. Small inclining weathered stone.

Inscription: Here lies the body

Of Mary Dee als walsh who

Depd this life Novr the

13th 1786 aged 20 y

44. Large headstone. Cross and I H S in relief

Inscription: Erected

By Thomas Dee of Lisskilly

In memory if his son John Dee

Who died Oct 30th 1848 aged 27 years

His father David Dee died 1818

Aged 70 years

45. Very weathered small stone. Inscription partially obliterated.

Inscription: Phelan

Died 1787

46. Large most common type headstone

Inscription: Erected by John Maher in memory

Of his father John Maher who

Died April 27th 1804 aged 50 yrs

Also his mother Margart Maher

Alias Brown died May 4th 1809

Aged 48 yrs likewise his brother

James Maher died Octobr 20 1825

Aged 22 yrs

47. Small rough cut stone, weathered

Inscription: Here lies the body

Of Marg Connery wh

Died July the 6 1780

Aged 48 ys

48. Inclining plain weathered stone

Inscription: Here lies the b

Ody of Maurice

Curreen who died

April the 7th 1740

Aged 32 years

49. Small rough hewn stone, cross carved into the centre.

No Inscription.

50. Reclining stone, almost completely buried

Inscription: In memory of Patrick


51. Inclining south west corner of church. Some lettering obliterated.

Inscription: In memory of Margr

Phelan who died Marc

25th 1800 aged 25 yrs

52. Small rough hewn stone, partially buried.

Inscription: Here lies the body

Of Ellen

53. Large reclining stone, partially buried. Leaf designs on top.

Inscription: Here lies the body

Of Catherine Fowlow

Who dep August the

12th 1773 aged 70 y

Also the body of Cat

Herine bhan who

Depd the 16th of ?????

1772 aged ?????

Also ????????

54. Small stone, west end of Church. Nice cross and I H S inscribed.

Inscription: Bridget Foley

Died March the

26 1780 aged 9

55. Small stone fuschia bush root at base

Inscription: James Troy

Died ? 7 ? 1761 age

71 years

56. Small white stone

Inscription: M.P.

57. Pink marble headstone with stone surrounds

Inscription: In loving memory of

Ellen Hourigan


Died 27 June 1965 aged 86 yrs


Barrys Middleton

58. Large inclining stone. Sun design surrounds I H S leafy designs in light carving.

Inscription: Erected

By Edmund Carew

In memory of his father James Carew

Who died Feb 2nd 1811

Aged 60 yrs

Also his brother Thomas

Who died April 9th 1885

Aged 40 yrs

And his brother Patrick

Who died June 1st 1833

Aged 32 yrs

59. Small much weathered stone. First letter of surname difficult to decipher, more than likely C.

Inscription: Barthlolmew

Cleary died

In December

1777 aged 66


60. Small reclining, wording almost obliterated.

Inscription: P.P. DIE 7 de 17 c

61. Small rough stone with cross inscribed in west face. Opposite Flinn No. 70

62. Small stone, weathered, some writing missing.

Inscription: Here lies the body

Of Maurce Folow who died

Februry the 17th 1765 aged

70 years also the body

Of Thos Folow his son

Who died August the 6

1771 aged 43 y

63. Large inclining stone.

Inscription: Erected by Mary Keane in

Memory of her husband

Maurice Keane who died

Aug 12th 1830 aged 60 years

64. Large headstone, very weathered.

Inscription: Erected by Patrick Foley

In memory if his son Patrick

Who departed this life April the

10 1807 aged 15 yrs

May he rest in peace

65. Celtic style cross on large headstone.

Inscription: Erected by

Mary Fitzgerald

In loving memory of

Her mother

Bridget Fitzgerald

Who died 15th June 1864 .

Aged 52 years

Also her sister


Who died in America

66. Large headstone, decorative carvings on top. Sun designs surrounding I H S

Inscription: Erected

By Margaret Power alias Rourke

In memory of her husband John Power

Of Ballintlea who died Dec 1 1831

Aged 70 years

Also her daughter Bridget Mansfield

Alias Power who died Feb 13 1836

Aged 27 years

67. Large inclining headstone

Inscription: Erected

By Ellen Curreen

In memory of her husband

John Curreen of Ballinamona

Who died Aug 1 1835

Aged 66 years

Also our daughter Julia Curreen

Who died Dec 10 1826

Aged 21 years

68. Small solid headstone matching 69.

Inscription: Here lieth the

Body of Patrick

Cahill who died

February 20th 1818

Aged 31 years

69. Small headstone matching 68, brothers probably

Inscription: In memory of John

Cahill who died

Feby 3rd 1818 aged 29

70. Large inclining weathered headstone

Inscription: Erected by Mary Flinn

In memory of her husband

Thomas Flinn who died

December 10 1831 aged

43 years

71. Large inclining headstone

Inscription: Erected

By Catherine Wall alias Curreen

In memory of her husband

James Wall who died July 9th

1836 aged 60 yrs

72 a Large highly decorated Celtic Cross. Iron rail surrounds, west facing

Inscription: Erected by

Walter Langan

Late of Ballinamona

To the memory of his uncle

The Rev. Walter Curran C.C.

Of Passage East

Who was interred here

On the first of Nov 1857

In the 42nd year of his age

And the seventeenth of his

Sacred ministry

RIP Molloy Dungn

72 b Flagstone in centre of iron rail surrounds

Inscription: Erected by Martin Curran

In memory of his wife Bridget Curran

Alias Whelan who died Jan 5th

1825 aged 40 years

72 c Decorated Celtic Cross, smaller that 72a east facing.

Inscription: Erected by

Julia Curran


In memory of her beloved


William Curran

Died 11th May 1894 aged 69 yrs

Her son Martin died 11th Nov 1909 aged 39 yrs

And her infant children

Patrick Joseph and Walter

Died at the age of 12 and nine months


73. Small headstone

Inscription: Here lieth the body

Of Richard Ryan

Who died 12 of

January 1813 aged 62


Erected by Alley


May his soul rest in

Peace Amen

74. Most recently erected headstone. Large Celtic Cross

Inscription: In loving memory of

Denis Joseph O Connor

Born in the parish of Kilcummin

Co Kerry 21 Feb 1922

Departed this life 27 Dec 1990

He touched the hearts of all

He met both man and beast

Great men might come but

You will never find better

Forever missed

Molloy Dungarvan

75. Large reclining weathered headstone

Inscription: Erected

By Thomas O Danniel

In memory of his son Michael O Danniel

Who died July 13 1835

Aged 43 yrs

76. Large headstone, cleaned and recarved when most recent name added

Inscription: Erected

By Edmund Hannagan of

Crobally in memory of his

Daughter Mary

Alias Curreen who departed

This life Nov 16th 1834

Aged 29 yrs

May her soul rest in peace


Joan Mooney Ballinamona, Old Parish

Died 10 Dec 1983 aged 74

Annie Mooney

Died 6 May 1998 aged 93

77. Fallen stone , much weathered

Inscription: E.H.

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