Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hackettstown Graveyard - Types of Stones / Graves

  1. Small cut stone facing due east, aprox. 26ft. from main entrance gate
  2. Stone reclining against east facing end wall of old church
  3. Large plain cut stone lying against east facing wall of old church
  4. Stone attached to church east end wall. Grave surrounded by iron rail. Small cut stone with cross inscribed also within rails
  5. Large stone facing east inclining slightly
  6. This is the only tombstone in the graveyard. Facing due east. Writing partially obliterated
  7. There is a heart with a cross in relief on top, in the centre of the cross on top of the monument
  8. Large inclining stone with the inscription “ in hoc signo vinces”
  9. Cross and I.H.S. in relief on top of large plain stone
  10. Large stone with cross and I.H.S. inscribed
  11. Plain white stone facing No.12 cross carved in west facing side
  12. Large inclining stone, cross and I.H.S. in relief
  13. Plain narrow stone
  14. Intertwined I.H.S. in centre of top cross
  15. Rough cut stone with Crosses inscribed
  16. Rough cut stone with Crosses inscribed
  17. Inclining stone partially buried, leafy designs carved on top
  18. Plain stone with rough cut sides
  19. Plain white rough stone with cross inscribed facing No. 21
  20. Celtic style cross
  21. Plain inclining stone
  22. Stone in shape of open book with stone surrounds
  23. Iron cross, no inscription. Rough stone holding it in place
  24. Inclining stone partially buried. Possibly containing further inscriptions
  25. Large inclining stone. I.H.S. carved on top.
  26. Large stone partially buried. Dates not visible. Flower design on top
  27. Small white stone. M.H. inscribed
  28. Piece missing from top of monument, possibly cross
  29. Large reclining stone
  30. Plain rectangular stone
  31. Weathered stone, some cracking obliterating words
  32. Narrow stone leaning against south wall of church. Rough back
  33. Plain stone. Iron surrounds
  34. Large reclining stone. Inscription set in
  35. Large plain stone
  36. Large inclining stone I.H.S. inscribed
  37. Small rough cut stone. Inscription carved facing west
  38. Highly decorated Celtic cross
  39. Large reclining stone
  40. Cross decorated with Celtic designs, no inscription
  41. Large plain stone, I.H.S. inscribed in semi circle
  42. Celtic cross. Entwined I.H.S. in centre of cross with fluer de lis design
  43. Small inclining weathered stone
  44. Large stone. Cross and I.H.S. in relief
  45. Very weathered small stone, Inscription partially obliterated
  46. Large plain stone
  47. Small rough cut stone, weathered
  48. Inclining plain weathered
  49. Small rough hewn stone. Cross carved
  50. Reclining stone almost completely buried
  51. Inclining south west corner of church. Some lettering obliterated
  52. Small rough hewn stone partially buried. Inscription reads “ Here lies the body of Ellen”
  53. Large reclining stone partially buried
  54. Small stone, west end of church
  55. Small stone, fuchsia bush root at base
  56. Small white stone with M.P. inscribed
  57. Pink marble headstone with stone surrounds
  58. Large inclining stone. Sun design surrounds I.H.S. Leafy designs in light carving
  59. Small much weathered stone. First letter of surname difficult to decipher, more than likely “C”
  60. Reclining stone, wording almost obliterated. P.P. DIE 7de 7c
  61. Rough stone with cross inscribed in west face opposite No. 70 Flinn
  62. Small stone, weathered some writing missing
  63. Large inclining stone
  64. Large headstone very weathered
  65. Celtic type cross, carved stoen surrounds
  66. Large headstone decorative carving on top. Sun designs surrounding I.H.S.
  67. Large inclining headstone
  68. Small headstone, matching 69
  69. Small headstone, matching 68 – Brothers?
  70. Inclining weathered headstone
  71. Large inclining headstone
  72. (a) Large highly decorated Celtic cross. Iron rails surrounds, west facing

72. (b) Flagstone on centre of iron rail surrounds also enclosing two Celtic crosses

72. (c ) Decorated Celtic cross, smaller than 72a , east facing

73. Small plain stone

74. Most recently erected headstone. Celtic style cross. Facing entrance gate

75. Large plain stone

76. Inscription seems to have been re-carved

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