Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Barra na Stuac Threshing

A few days ago, Up in Barra na Stuac
A peculiar notion a farmer there took,
A special machine they decided to book
As the time came for threshing the corn

The threshing sets here, they were all to well known
That’s why those farmers wanted one of their own
So they sent up to Cork, a message by phone
And ordered one down the next morning

The Cork man you know, they knew best what to do
Course they be far sighted and long-headed too
They didn’t forsake the work was to do
They kept threshing away at the corn

Patsy Murphy was first to come into this tune
Then Stephen Barron and Seanín Condún
They thought of their errors and that, very soon
Ach fagtha muid súid mar atá sé

Stephen Barron came down and so did Mick Power
Ned Walsh, Paddy Leahy, and here comes Sean Dower
The seat of his pants it was all white with flour
Because he was at the Creamery that morning

Ned Coyne and Tim Condon, Ned Drohan and Sean,
And a Hourigan boy from the top of Gabhlan,
And perhaps a few more who came in through Scardán
And they all stood around for the parly.

They all sat around they had nothing to do,
Sean Dower commenced cleaning the top of his shoe
Saying wasn’t she a fine one when first she was new
But now she’s soaking the water.

They went out on the road and they gazed all around
Earnestly hoping they would hear a sound
But they would stay there till they stick to the ground
Agus gruaig leo síos chuig na sáile

They said they won’t come now at all I suppose,
Murphy said bh’féidir go dtiocfaidh siad fós,
Má thagann siad aon am bheidh siad luath go leor
Mar tá na fearaibh go binn chun friothala

The threshing time came, but the thresher did not,
Oh Lord what a fright, poor Patsy Murphy then got
When Williams lorry came out and drew up on the spot
To haul in a load of his corn

So all you young farmers come take some advise
And don’t be preparing for this threshing time twice
For the next time it comes, it may be eaten by mice
You should always rely on what’s under your eye
And God will be fond of you always

Mikey Byrnes

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