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History of Old Parish Church

The present ecclesiastical union was made in 1847 when Old Parish was detached from Ardmore and Ballyharrahan added to Dungarvan. This division was made during the pastorage of Rev. Michael Clancy. Fr. Clancy lived at Loskeran and died in 1850. He was succeeded by Fr. John Mullins who died in 1882 and was buried in front of the altar in Old Parish Church. Fr. Peter Casey succeeded Fr. Mullins in 1882 and built the present Parochial House. He was transferred to Dungarvan in 1888 and built the Parochial House there too. He died in 1894.

Rinn รณ gCuanach (Ring) is under the patronage of St. Nicholas of Myra, while AnSean Phobal (Old Parish /Ballymacart) is dedicated to the Mother of God (Nativity). In both Ring and Old Parish the patron feasts are celebrated on 6th December and 8th September respectively.

During the years 1960-69, the old Church built in 1839 during the pastorage of Rev. P. McGrath showed signs of rot and decay. It was a large building (5,110 sq. ft.) built when the population of Ardmore, Grange and Old Parish was 13,000. The new Church built on the site of the old, seats approximately 260. The foundation stone was laid on the site on 12th March 1971 and the new Church was blessed and opened by Bishop Russell on Sunday 5th December 1971. On the previous Friday the new marble altar was blessed by the Bishop and the relic of St. Probus was sealed into the centre of the altar.

The total cost of the Church including a newly built belfry, was approximately £30,000. Building contractor: Mr. M. Wallace, Ballinamona, Campile, Co. Wexford.
An old and much worn chalice retained by the parish bears the inscription: “Dns Pats Fitzgerald me fieri fecit ad usum par. Ardmor. Orin. 1747’. (made at the request of Mr. Patrick Fitzgerald for the use of the parish of Ardmore East 1747).
Note: Ardmore Orientalis (Ardmore East) refers to the present day Old Parish at a time when it was united to Ardmore and Grange.

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